Monday, January 25, 2010

Bongs over the world, let us unite!

'twas in 2005, that Benegal's "Bose- The Forgotten Hero" hit the theatres. Whilst the movie was far from a box-office hit, it managed to reevoke nationalist sentiments in a select audience. Having the skeleton of that of a documentary, BTFH narrated the story of Bose the way we have all been fed: it concluded with the oft quoted Taipei crash.
There was, quite expectedly, no mention of Babajan Gouffra, member Politburo Soviet Union. There was no mention of the lackadaiscal, or worse still nefarious attitude of Indian governements (post indpendence) in unraveling the mystery.

Benegal, though, had hit the nail on its head-the forgotten hero!
As a kid, I used to be intrigued by the glaring, in your face, uniqueness of my Hero :
His portratit is underlined by 23January 1897-? as opposed to 2October 1869-30January 1948 and 14November 1889-27May 1964 of mere mortals.
The "?" alone raises respect for the spirit, courage and philosophy that embodied (embodies ?) him- an epitome of interminability.

The aim of this writing is not to compare Netaji with others, who did precisely nothing but further aided the path to slavery under the British.
What this article sets out to achieve is to appeal to Bengalis around the globe to erase "forgotten" from Benegal's phrase.
A can you believe it fact to prove Benegal was justified. :more than 3/4 of the country that is now India, is unaware of the significance of 23 January!

Gandhism has become a fashion statement for the new generation given the inexplicable popularity of a mindless Bollywood flick .Nehru is viewed as being the farsighted architect of modern India.
And how has this nation treated Netaji?
Well, India indeed knows how to royally honour her leaders: Subhash Bose is not even a Bharat Ratna!

For a man, who sacrificed his life for the freedom of this country, and - this will rub it in- IS the only Indian to have scored a 'victory' over Gandhi, shouldn't he have been given slightly better treatment?
It is biologically improbable that Bose would still be physically alive. And since, independent India, has done absolutely Nothing to honour the Real father of the nation, it is our responsibilty- as Ultras-to posthumously honour our Hero:

23 January, within the realms of the rule book, take a day off from work.
Treat it just like 2 October!
Only an absolute 'in your face' movement, where a race voluntarily declares itself unavailable will serve to exterminate the "forgotten" tag.
Once and for all.

For a man, who gave his life for Independent INDIA (and not Independent Bengal) and was FAR from being parochial, I urge all non bengalis- and pro nationalists- to pay their homage to the Greatest Leader this country has ever seen (and will ever see).
I am not entirely sure if Subhash Bose will strike a chord in you in the manner he does for us.
But in case, he does- and I am dead sure he will- re read the Marxesque title of this writing as,
Indians over the world, let us unite!


Savi said...

bose, hallowed be thy name !

Ananda said...

Porlam...... boktobbo ki chamatkar... arektu bishod bhabe elaboration thakle aro bhalo lagto... details about Nehru's idiocy or Gandhi's moronic behaviour.... :) :P....

Max said...

treat it like 2 oct ... cmon.. in dat case we shud have more than 365 days of holidays in a year.. we cant keep on shedding tears for those who r gone .. even 2 oct shud be workin ...(atleast not a dry day.. :D)